Taste the real flavours of the Ocean


A dedicated team of processors ensure that the daily catch is sorted, graded and organised according to the requirements.
Its subject to strict quality measures in preparation for distribution.

In order to maintain quality and freshness of raw materials which come from unpolluted waters we have well trained and well-equipped fisher men with modern facilities and boats. The fish are transported in refrigerated trucks. Maintaining hygienic conditions throughout the operations and checked upon receipt.

Our processing plants work strictly according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system) rules. A certified quality controller critically tests each fish for Histamine and other health issues. Our Products are packed to European standard approved by the EU.


Long line fishing is a method that uses hundreds of baited hooks hanging from a single line. Longlines are set to hang near the surface to catch fish such as tuna and swordfish or along the sea floor for groundfish such as halibut. This is a relatively better method of fishing than others as there is less impact or destruction on the bottom habitats. This method derives good species selectivity. It is also very cost effective due to less fuel consumption.

Supply into Factory


Weighing of whole fish

Grading Table

Grading for Colour

Samples for Histamine Test

Gilling & Gutting



Removal of Centre Borne

Seperation into Loins

Separation of 4 loins


Trimming of meat attached to Skin

Removal of Black Meat

Finshed Loins prio to vacuum

Stuffing in vacuum bags


Vacuumed Loins

Labeling with weight mark

Recording of weight prior to packing



The whole process can be traced back completely to the origin by maintaining proper record keeping. Thereby providing complete information of the whole process that it has undergone. Even which area it was received from, vessel information and so on. The products are then clearly labelled giving all the important information and this fulfils an utmost reliability and traceability.


We all try to work in a common ground where we try to commit to responsible sourcing and handling of fish. Our suppliers meet HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) regulations and have been awarded with BRC(British Retail Consortium) accreditations after thorough inspections. We ensure that the best methods of fishing are carried out to target specific species and result in minimal wastage. Further certification is awarded for responsible sourcing by FDA (Food and drug administration), Friends of the Sea and Dolphin Safe.