About Freshery

Best Sea Food distribution over worldwide

About Us

Freshery UK is committed to provide finest quality fresh sea food to our local and international markets. In order to maintain high standards, we work closely with the best suppliers from UK, Sri Lanka, Oman, Maldives, Indonesia and Philippines. As such we take pride with maintaining good relations with our suppliers. Hence, we can provide best services ensuring quality and consistency.

Our products meet with HACCP regulations and have been awarded with BRC accreditation. We also comply with EU regulations with comprehensive traceability.We have also achieved the ECO labels of “friends of the sea” and “dolphin safe” further complying with all the IUU guidelines and have the recognised licenses.

The best technique of longline fishing is used to catch our fish, which are received by a dedicated and experienced team who organise and grade each catch subject to their sizes and purposes. They are then processed which involves filleting, grading or freezing in preparation for their distribution which is met with every specific requirement. All products undergo quality control inspections by specialised processors.

The fresh fish will be packaged in a cold insulated box and wrapped or vacuumed as per customer requirements with clear labels of product description, weight, origin and any other request as per requirements.

Our Values

Our purpose is to deliver responsible business growth to become London’s leading fresh food business. Responsibility is at the heart of our strategy and embedded in our Core Values of Pride, Passion and Provenance.


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Always ensuring quality and consistency maintaining high standards in every step of the way.

Our Mission

While fresh fishes which is traded island wide, between many countries import and export is to ensure that the fresh fishes conforms to standard of high quality and safety to ensure high level of protection of public health.